About Us



In the fall of 2011, five senior softball players met to discuss establishing a slow-pitch softball league in the Hill Country At that time, the only senior leagues were in San Antonio & Austin. The result of that meeting was an alliance with the Kerr County YMCA, which was instrumental in co-ordinating the first organized play in 2012. That season 35 players on three teams played a sixteen game season at the Schreiner University’s Women’s softball field.

In 2013, a board of directors was formed, by-laws were written and non-profit status for the THCSSL was approved by the IRS according to Chapter 501(c)(3). The participation grew to 45 players ages 50 to 77 and included three women. Four teams played an eighteen game schedule at  Singing Wind Park in Kerrville.

The THCSSL has a 2017 goal of forming six teams and 70+ players for a twenty game schedule.

The teams are formed each year via a drafting protocol to try to have evenly matched teams. Before the draft, new player assessments are done by the team managers during the practices.

The long term goal for the THCSSL is 100+ players participating on eight or more teams.