Player Information


2024 Player Information

The THCSSL has been formed to offer a recreational opportunity for area seniors (men-50+ & women 45+) regardless of skill level. If a prospective player turns the minimum qualifying age anytime during the 2024 calendar year, he/she is eligible to play. NOTE: The THCSSL is NOT a “co-ed” league, women will be expected to compete without benefit of any special rules.

Both spring/summer (March to September) and winter leagues (November to February) are formed each year.

In 2020, prior to the Covid pandemic, 96 players, age 45 to 86, had signed up. After suspending activities April – June, the league resumed play in early July and completed a 20-game schedule with 60 players on five teams. The winter league played a four team, 12-game, schedule from December until early March.

The THCSSL is dedicated to providing a friendly and fun, as well as competitive, slow-pitch softball experience. All players who sign up are guaranteed to be on a team, and rules are in effect to assure game participation for everyone.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT BE TOLERATED IN THE THCSSL. This includes fighting, abusive profanity, and belligerence toward umpires, managers, and/or fellow players. Violators will be immediately suspended from the league and, pending a hearing, could serve additional suspension up to the rest of the season, for the first offense.

ORGANIZATION – The THCSSL is operated by a board of directors elected each year by players and members. Participation is open to all players meeting the age requirement, regardless of residence location. Designation of the THCSSL as a non-profit organization, according to IRS 501(c)(3) guidelines, has been granted.

PLAYER FEES – Players will be required to pay annual individual fees which will include the costs of uniforms, playing & practice field rentals, game balls, umpires, etc. The fee for the 2024 season is expected to be $140/player. Winter league fees are less, but a shorter season will be played and uniforms are not furnished. PLAYER FEES WILL BE DUE/PAYABLE ON/BEFORE THE TEAM DRAFT DAY for both summer and winter leagues. (If any player is unable to afford all or part of the fee because of hardship, he/she may be able to get assistance. Contact the league president for confidential consideration.)

TEAM FORMATION – THCSSL teams are formed by team managers each season using a skill assessment and draft protocol. Returning players will not be required to complete a skill assessment, using instead their previous season, or most recent, rating for drafting purposes. This will ensure that all teams are equalized in both age and skill levels to provide an enjoyable, as well as competitive, experience for all players. The goal for the 2024 spring/summer season is 9/10 teams of 10-12 players each; four or more teams and 50-60 players are expected to play ’24-’25 winter ball.

New players can join the league at any time. In-season player assignments will be made by a player placement committee to maintain competitive balance. The THCSSL reserves the right to reform teams/divisions at/before the mid-season point should there enough in-season player additions to add another team. This will ensure all players will have the opportunity to participate to the fullest extent possible.

PLAYING EQUIPMENT – The THCSSL will furnish player jerseys and caps for the summer season. Players are expected to provide their own gloves, bats and shoes which comply with SSUSA rules (see PLEASE – NO METAL SPIKES

PLAYER CONTRACTS & MEDICAL WAIVERS – All players will be required to provide acceptable proof of age, when required, and execute a contract commitment to play for the drafting team, unless released by consent of the team manager and the THCSSL Board of Directors. Players must also sign a commitment to abide by the THCSSL Covid-19 protocol. The medical waiver will hold the THCSSL and the City of Kerrville harmless in case of injury or illness while participating in, or observing, league games and/or practices.

2024 CALENDAR – Open practices for all players will be held on Tuesday nights, 6-8 p.m., at the Kerrville Sports Complex, during March. New player skill assessments will be held at the final two practices. The team draft will be held March 21, and league play will begin on April 9th. The season is expected to extend into September with allowances for rain-outs. The winter league will begin after the completion, of summer play, but no sooner than November 1st, and end by March 1st of 2025.

For more information, please contact Steve Hill 832-533-1932